Delray Beach closing

The Steps

If you are handling this transaction with or without Realtors, we can help guide you in the process of selling Real Estate. Here are the steps for your Delray Beach Title and Closing, or anywhere in Florida, to follow in order for your sale to close…

When you have an agreement between a buyer and a seller, complete a Real Estate contract in it’s entirety. For your Delray Beach Title and closing, or anywhere in Florida, you usually can find blank Real Estate contracts at your local office supply store. Make sure the contract is filled out completely. Any changes needing to be made after the contract is signed should be in the form of an Addendum to the Contract.

Go to the online forms page of our site. There, select either to print out and then fill out by pen or select to fill our Seller Online Form and Buyer Online Form on our site. These forms help us get all of our information we need for all of our document preparations. This also saves on all the phone calls or emails you would get asking for information.

Deliver to us by email, fax, mail or hand deliver the entire contract and any addendums and the printed forms online or let us know you did the online form.

If we are going to be holding the deposit, then deliver to us this deposit by check or wire transfer. If wire transfer, please contact us for our wiring instructions.

Now, our work begins

  1. We will then get started on your contract immediately for your Delray Beach Title and Closing. We base everything on the closing date and information from the contract.
  2. If there is a new mortgage for the buyer, make sure the lender has the contract in its entirety. Also, supply us with the contact information for that lender.
  3. After our title search is in and reviewed and the municipal liens search and the Estoppel(s) from the management company (if applicable) are received and reviewed, we will then have all of our documents to set closing, the closer will contact you for final details. If you are buying in an association community, then we will need the Association Approval letter for the closing and cannot close without this document.
  4. Either you will be attending the closing in our office or it will take place by overnight mail delivery or remote online Notary (approval per file situation to use remote online notary).
  5. Closing takes place by the execution of all the closing documents, funds are recieved by the buyer, and those funds then will be disbursed on that closing date. Hence, the new buyers take possession at that moment.
  6. Approximately 6 to 8 weeks after closing, the new buyer will receive the recorded Warranty Deed and their new Owner’s Title Insurance Policy.

That’s it! That is all the basic steps to follow in order for your sale to close.

Please always feel free to contact us by phone 561.278.1203 or email at [email protected] with any questions or concerns you have before, during or after the process. We here at Delray Title in Delray Beach Florida have been in business for over 40 years and are here to help you with your Delray Beach Title and Settlement needs and anywhere in Florida!